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Take your mental health entrepreneurial journey to the next level.

Join us for a groundbreaking event that will transform your mindset, supercharge your content creation, boost your income streams, ignite your leadership skills, honor diversity and inclusion, and empower you with neurodiversity-affirming therapy practices.

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"Doubt Yourself, Do It Anyway" Online Entrepreneurial Summit 2023

📅 December 4–8 and December 11–15, 2023

The ultimate experience for helping professionals who are determined to make a positive impact on the world.

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The Date + Details

📅 Dates: December 4–8 and December 11–15, 2023
💻 Format: Engaging, pre-recorded online video sessions
🏷️ Price: FREE during the summit or Lifetime Access for only $129
🗣️ Speaker Lineup: 32 industry trailblazers committed to your success
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Learn About These Key Topics from 32 Guest Experts!


🧠 **Mindset Shifts**

Learn to conquer self-doubt, boost your confidence, and embrace challenges with resilience. You’ll learn strategies that you can immediately implement to help you feel unstuck, and move forward with your goals.


🖋️ **Content Creation Mastery**

Unleash your creativity and create compelling content that resonates with your audience. Find your authentic voice, and learn how to make sure that your ideal clients can find you, contact you, and pay you.


💰 **Alternative Streams of Income**

Discover innovative ways to diversify your revenue streams and secure financial stability. This will help ensure that you spend less time with your butt in the seat, allowing you to scale, grow, and pursue your passion projects. Think podcasts, retreats, speaking engagements, and more!


👑 **Leadership Redefined**

Develop leadership skills that drive positive change and impact within your business. Learn hiring strategies, ways to create more inclusive workspaces, staff retention techniques, and how to set yourself apart in a competitive hiring market.


🧠 **Neurodivergent Affirming Practices**

Gain insights on creating an inclusive environment and respecting neurodiversity. We have 4 ND therapists who are going to talk about how to incorporate neurodivergent-affirmative practices, strategies, and techniques, and provide tons of education on how to get started.


🌈 **Honoring Diversity and Inclusivity**

We have 4 incredible speakers who are embracing and highlighting their identities, and showcasing the incredible businesses that they’ve created, while sharing their stories of resilience, courage, and authenticity.


⏱️ **Productivity Hacks**

Learn time-management techniques to boost efficiency and maintain your peace of mind. These talks will help you save time in your business, optimize your work flows, and reduce your stress. You’ll be able to immediately implement these strategies to your day-to-day.

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Your Time to Shine is Now!

Don't let doubt hold you back from your dreams. Take the leap and join us for the "Doubt Yourself, Do It Anyway" Online Entrepreneurial Summit 2023. Elevate your mental health entrepreneurship journey, connect with a supportive community, and equip yourself with the tools you need to succeed.

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Why Attend?

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By registering for the "Doubt Yourself, Do It Anyway" Online Entrepreneurial Summit 2023, you'll gain:

  • 🔥 Expert Insights: Access to transformative knowledge from leading experts in mental health entrepreneurship, all of whom are doing things differently, highlighting all of the ways that your skills are applicable in the world. Grad school definitely didn’t teach us this, so we want to make sure that you have everything you need to be successful.
  • 🌐 Networking Opportunities: Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals and build relationships without feeling like a used car “salesperson.” You’ll be in a FB community with people who have similar goals in mind, who want to pursue their creative dreams and goals.
  • 📚 Actionable Strategies: Take away practical tips that you can immediately implement in your mental health business. We want you to come away from EVERY talk with at least 2-3 things you can do to support your business, immediately!
  • 🎁 Exclusive Bonuses: Gain access to freebies and resources offered by our speakers to enhance your journey. Every one of our speakers has offered a valuable freebie that you can use ASAP, to help you personally and professionally.
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📅 December 4th–15th, 2023

P.S. Want to enjoy the summit content long after the summit ends? Choose the special Therapist Unlimited Pass at checkout for only $129 so that you can dive deep into these valuable sessions anytime, anywhere with lifetime access to all the content.

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Meet Our Guest Speakers

Yunetta Spring, LPC-MHSP, NCC, EMDR Certified & Approved Consultant

Entrepreneur | BIPOC & EMDR Therapist | Trauma Specialist | Podcast Host | Author | Speaker

Talia Bombola, LMFT

Entrepreneur | Confidence and Assertiveness Specialist™ | Certified Psychodynamic LMFT | Coach | Professor | Speaker | Media Contributor

Dr. Dominique Pritchett, LCSW

Entrepreneur | Therapist I Mental Well-being Strategist & Speaker I Podcast Host | International Speaker

Cynthia Miller, MS LCMHC

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Copywriting Coach for Therapists | Perfectionism and Coping Skills Specialist

Megan Kelly

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Private Practice Owner | Host of the Mental Status Podcast | Speaker

Anna Walker

Entrepreneur | Marketing Coach | Copywriter | Website Strategist for Therapists | Founder and CEO of Walker Strategy Co.

Katie Lemieux & Kate Campbell

Entrepreneurs | Therapists | Co-Owners of The Private Practice Startup | Speakers | Coaches

Austin Armstrong

Entrepreneur | CEO & Co-founder, Socialty Pro & Syllabi.io | 2x 7-figure CEO | Podcast Host | Professional Speaker | Social Media Influencer

Kelly McKenna

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Business Coach for Therapists | Private Practice Owner | Speaker

Jeff Guenther, LPC

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Mental Health Influencer on TikTok and Instagram @therapyjeff | Speaker

Nicole Arzt

Entrepreneur | Psychotherapist | Mental Health Influencer | Creator of Psychotherapy Memes | Copywriting and SEO Specialist for Therapists | Speaker

Amber Lyda

Entrepreneur | Psychologist | Private Practice Owner | Business Coach for Therapists | Speaker

Dr. Ajita Robinson

Entrepreneur | Grief & Trauma Therapist | Bestselling Author | International Speaker | Income Strategist

Gabrielle Juliano-Villani

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Speaker | Business Coach for the SBA | Trainer
| Sound Healer

Jackie Flynn, EdS, LMHC-S, RPT-S

Entrepreneur | Licensed Mental Health Counselor | Registered Play Therapist Supervisor | Founder of EMDR and Play Therapy Integration Support | Speaker

Shaelene Kite, LPC, DBT-LBC, ACS, RYT

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Yoga & Trauma Recovery Specialist | Podcast Host | DBT Trainer | Yoga Instructor | Speaker

Maureen Werrbach, LCPC

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Founder of The Group Practice Exchange | Owner of Urban Wellness | Group Practice Owner | Group Practice Leadership Coach | Podcast Host | Speaker

Dr. Lisa Lovelace

Entrepreneur | Clinical Psychologist | Founder of Synergy eTherapy | Course Creator | Group Practice Owner | Author | Facebook Admin | Speaker

Brandy Mebra

Entrepreneur | CEO of Savvy Clover Coaching & Consulting | CEO Coach for Private Practice Owners in Healthcare | Speaker

Nicole McCance

Entrepreneur | Retired Psychologist | Business Coach for Therapists Scaling to a Group Practice | Speaker

Jamie Roberts, LMFT

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Founder of Equilibrium Counseling Services | The Neurodivergent Therapist on Social Media | Author | Speaker

Amber Hawley

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Lifestyle Strategist for Entrepreneurs and Couples | Group Practice Owner | Podcast Host | Speaker

Dr. Megan Anna Neff

Entrepreneur | Neurodivergent Psychologist (Autistic-ADHD) | Founder of Neurodivergent Insights | Podcast Host | Author | Speaker

Patrick Casale, MA LCMHC LCAS

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Podcast Host | Private Practice Coach | Group Practice Owner | Retreat Host | Speaker

Mikah Miller, LPC, CPCS

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Heart and Mindset Strategist | Transformational Speaker

Tracy Vadakumchery

Entrepreneur | Psychotherapist | Owner of The Bad Indian Therapist | Speaker

Blaise Harris, LCMHC

Entrepreneur | Therapist | The Dope Black Therapist | Podcast Host | Author | Speaker

Kieran Mcmonagle

Entrepreneur | Radical Trans Therapist, Coach, and Consultant | Founder of Red Cape Therapy | Speaker

TJ Walsh

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Creative Clinician and Coach | Podcast Host | Artist | Speaker

Uriah Guilford, LMFT

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Creator of Productive Therapist | Group Practice Owner | Speaker

Michael Ashford

Entrepreneur | Director of Marketing at The Receptionist | Journalist | Speaker

Jennifer Agee, LCPC

Entrepreneur | Therapist | Podcast Host | Business Strategy Coach | NBCC CE Provider | Speaker

See you at the "Doubt Yourself, Do It Anyway" Online Entrepreneurial Summit 2023!

📅 December 4th–15th, 2023

P.S. Enjoy the summit content long after the summit ends. Choose the special Therapist Unlimited Pass at checkout for only $129 so that you can dive deep into these valuable sessions anytime, anywhere with lifetime access to all the content.