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So you may be thinking…

“I’m sure I did everything right."

☑️ Joined all the therapist directories?... "Yup."

☑️ Made a really cool, professional website?... "Of course."

Still NO Client Calls?... "Yeah, and I have NO CLUE what to do!"

Directories and websites can be great for marketing, but there are effective ways to create them… and then there's NOT.

What if you could attract a steady stream of clients (and I mean your ideal clients who you ACTUALLY feel excited to work with) by crafting the "perfect" content for your directory profiles and websites without sleazy and generic marketing tactics?

What if you could increase your private practice’s online visibility while still maintaining authenticity as a person and professional?

Imagine if you could set the foundation for your thriving private practice in just a few hours with a strategic shift in your approach to content creation that will feel natural, authentic, and in line with your values—content that does NOT make you feel spammy!


Maybe you could finally stop worrying about the phone not ringing, and instead focus on the fact that you've created your Dream Practice

This 3-Hour Accelerated Course is designed to help therapists develop the "captivating" content creation skills they need to attract new clients into their private practices.

Patrick Casale

Meet Patrick Casale

I started my private practice in 2017 after I finally had my “last straw” moment in community mental health.

I had no idea what I was doing, and how could I? I had absolutely zero business knowledge or training, MAJOR impostor syndrome, and basically flew by the seat of my pants 24/7.

Although this worked out for me, I wish I had known what I know now, and I want to give that information back to you!

I have read wayyyyyy too many Psych Today pages and websites that are honestly “complete garbage.” And please don’t take offense to that because my content wasn’t any good either.

Pictures of stacked rocks, “I’m a trauma-informed therapist who will walk along side you,” blah blah blah………BORINGGGGGGG and just like EVERYBODY ELSE!

Once I realized that we attract clients by being authentic, personable, and REAL human beings… the phone rang CONSTANTLY!

Grad school and our agency jobs tell us we need to be robotic, blank slates. I’m here to help you challenge that notion and to attract more “ideal clients” by writing incredible content on your websites, profile pages, etc.

I made this 3-Hour Private Practice Content Creation “Crash Course” so that you can create the Private Practice that you’ve dreamed about.

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We will focus on...

➡️ Choosing a niche—understanding why you can’t be the Applebee’s of therapy + Why you NEED to stand out

➡️ Writing incredibly captivating content for websites, social media pages, and landing pages

➡️ Creative writing prompts and worksheets, allowing you to tap into your creativity and work through your mental blocks

➡️ Working through self-limiting beliefs and mental blocks, and focusing on implementation strategies

No more blending in with all the other therapist profiles on directories and looking like just another “generic” therapist.

No more calls from prospective clients who aren’t the right fit. Attract the clients you work best with.





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After Working with Patrick...

"Patrick is very knowledgeable and resourceful regarding many aspects of opening a private practice and managing your private practice business. He is easy to talk to, supportive, and explains overwhelming aspects of the process in a relatable way. He’s truly a great person to have in your corner!"

-Kristin B.

"Patrick is awesome! I needed a coach that could guide me in the direction that would strengthen my practice and Patrick is that coach! He is authentic, well informed, caring, and will give it to you straight no chaser. LOL. I needed that!"

-K. Williams

“I am very grateful for all the support I've received from Patrick in launching my own private practice... This course helped me understand more about myself, develop my niche, grasp how to market to find my ideal client and establish the confidence to believe in my own abilities and talent. Definitely recommend working with him to take the leap!”

-Heather S.

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Grab the replay of this 3-hour, accelerated online training designed specifically to help therapists stand out to their ideal clients and boost prospective client calls through the power of authenticity and captivating content creation in private practice!