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Get More Clients (Your IDEAL Clients) With Killer Website Copy, A Refined Niche, & Networking Strategies That WORK!

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So you may be thinking…

“I’m sure I did everything right.

☑️ I joined therapist directories

☑️ I made a professional website

☑️ And I told my friends and family to spread the word

But I’m still not getting new clients. I don’t get it!”

Directories, websites, and networking are great, but there are effective ways to use them… and NOT.

What if you could attract a steady stream of clients (and I mean your ideal clients who you feel excited to work with) by easily writing the "perfect" content for your directory profiles and websites without sleazy and generic marketing tactics?

What if you knew how to network (and with whom) without feeling awkward so that you could fill your caseload and build a referral list to support your clients?

Imagine if you could increase your private practice’s online visibility while still maintaining authenticity as a person and professional!


Would you finally feel ready to go all-in with private practice and live the way you want without having to worry about feeding yourself or your family?

This 2-Part Accelerated Course is designed to help therapists develop the "dream-saving" skills they need to draw new clients into their private practices.

PART 1: Choosing a Niche (YOUR Ideal Client) & Content Creation

After Part 1, you will be able to...

  • Not only identify your niche/ideal client but also write incredibly real and authentic content for your landing pages
  • Stand out from therapists who write generic content and sound like “Everybody Else” 
  • Ensure that your phone is ringing with your ideal client on the other line
  • Increase self-pay referrals for your private practice
  • Confidently identify who you are marketing to and how to connect with them

PART 2: Complete Directory Profile + Marketing & Networking Strategies

After Part 2, you will be able to...

  • Use your new, fully functioning, optimized-for-ideal-clients therapist profile to attract more clients to your private practice
  • Confidently reach out to other providers in your area to connect and build your referral list
  • Incorporate marketing and networking strategies that feel natural so that you can actually enjoy the process
  • Organize your schedule to incorporate marketing strategies without burning out
  • Use social media and local therapists Facebook groups to your advantage 
  • Implement concrete action steps to make sure your phone keeps ringing

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This Course Goes Beyond DIY.

Get Direct Support From an Expert in Private Practice Building!

This course is a deep dive immersion into marketing, networking, and content creation for Private Practice with concrete steps, tools, and resources to help you show up online in an authentic way and attract your ideal clients.

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From Patrick:

I started my private practice in 2017 after I finally had my “last straw” moment in community mental health.

I had no idea what I was doing, and how could I? I had absolutely zero business knowledge or training, MAJOR impostor syndrome, and basically flew by the seat of my pants 24/7.

Although this worked out for me, I wish I had known what I know now, and I want to give that information back to you!

I have read wayyyyyy too many Psych Today pages and websites that are honestly “complete garbage.” And please don’t take offense to that because my content wasn’t any good either.

Pictures of stacked rocks, “I’m a trauma-informed therapist who will walk along side you,” blah blah blah………BORINGGGGGGG and just like EVERYBODY ELSE!

Once I realized that we attract clients by being authentic, personable, and REAL human beings… the phone rang CONSTANTLY, and it still does!

Grad school and our agency jobs tell us we need to be robotic, blank slates. I’m here to help you challenge that notion and to attract more “ideal clients” by writing incredible content on your websites, profile pages, etc.

I’m offering this 2-day Private Practice “Crash Course” so that we can work together to create the Private Practice that you’ve dreamed about.


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After Working with Patrick...

"Patrick is very knowledgeable and resourceful regarding many aspects of opening a private practice and managing your private practice business. He is easy to talk to, supportive, and explains overwhelming aspects of the process in a relatable way. He’s truly a great person to have in your corner!"

-Kristin B.

"Patrick is awesome! I needed a coach that could guide me in the direction that would strengthen my practice and Patrick is that coach! He is authentic, well informed, caring, and will give it to you straight no chaser. LOL. I needed that!"

-K. Williams

“I am very grateful for all the support I've received from Patrick in launching my own private practice... This course helped me understand more about myself, develop my niche, grasp how to market to find my ideal client and establish the confidence to believe in my own abilities and talent. Definitely recommend working with him to take the leap!”

-Heather S.

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