September 12–16, 2022

Calling all of our Neurodivergent and BIPOC colleagues. Enjoy 5 days and 4 nights in beautiful, sunny San Diego, California.

Save Your Spot for ONLY $500!


September 12–16, 2022

Calling all of our Neurodivergent and BIPOC colleagues.
Enjoy 5 days and 4 nights in beautiful, sunny San Diego, California.

Save Your Spot for ONLY $500!









Masking, Inattentiveness, and Feeling Disconnected.

Nam and I truly understand the neurodivergent experience. It probably feels like there isn’t really a space for you in a “Neurotypical world” and that you’ve worked really hard to “fit in.”

This San Diego Retreat is it — an experience made for YOU!

We are bringing together a SMALL group of incredibly gifted, unique, beautiful brains and therapists to share in a very intentional experience together.

Neurodiversity is beautiful, and we want to honor it. The ability to create, work outside of the box, pivot when necessary, and focus intensely on things you’re passionate about. These are some of the superpowers that your brain gifts you.

We know that it’s not always a beautifully creative experience to exist in a neurotypical world.

Small talk, artificial conversations, 9–5 jobs (forced to be in an office… NO THANK YOU), the expectation that you need to show up a certain way in social situations. It is PAINFUL, and it can feel really LONELY.

But, the purpose of this retreat is to bring together a very small group of incredibly talented but often misunderstood therapists and entrepreneurs.

We "Get" Neurodivergence...

Masking is exhausting — physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. Our focus is to help you unmask in a safe, intentionally constructed setting.

We know how hard it is to “be yourself” and feel safe doing so.

A lot of times in society we are called and labeled “outcasts, weird, different.” A lot of the time we’re bullied, discriminated against, and have to “blend in” in order to go through everyday life.

It’s FUCKING hard. It is isolating, and it is lonely.

This space is for all of YOU, and we are going to work on community, connection, restoration, relaxation, and, more importantly, the ability to take up space in this world.

We believe that being able to travel and experience new places, sounds, sights, foods, and people helps unlock creativity and freedom. For neurodivergent people, we need stimulation, and we need excitement. But we often don’t allow ourselves to truly step away and focus on ourselves because it can be FUCKING scary to do so.


Where You'll Be Staying...


We’ve rented a small, intimate venue in San Diego with 8 private bedrooms.

This means that you won’t be sharing a room with a stranger, and able to retreat to your “safe space” whenever you need to.

Who the hell wants to participate in large, crowded, overwhelming conferences and summits? Not me. I know how it feels to have overstimulation and sensory overload, basically all day and every day of my life.

This experience is designed for those of you who…

  • Feel more introverted but craves connection
  • Want more in-depth conversation and cannot tolerate artificiality or small-talk
  • Want downtime, need to pace, need to STIM, and need to get up and leave whenever you feel overwhelmed
  • Feel like you don’t always have a safe space to truly embrace your eccentricity, creativity, beautiful weirdness, and quirkiness
  • Use tactile and sensory toys to help with regulation and calm your nervous systems
  • Want intention-setting around scheduling — this is definitely not a GO-GO-GO experience.
  • Want to try delicious, locally catered food — we’re talking 3 wonderful meals a day prepared by local restaurants and chefs.
  • Want to do business coaching and get support in a beautiful beach setting — only 3 blocks to the Pacific ocean!
  • Want to relax and have fun during 2 group experiences. We’re considering things like spending time at the San Diego Zoo, exploring Little Italy, spending time in the South and Northpark neighborhoods, coaching in Balboa Park, coaching on the beach, or similar experiences.

Ready for the San Diego retreat EXCLUSIVELY for Neurodivergent and BIPOC therapists?



Neurodivergent AND BIPOC!


Finally, a Retreat for BIPOC

Rest, Retreats, Relax, Self Care...

Ever feel like these words that everyone talks about sound great, but they don't really fit for YOU?

When you hear these words, you probably don't say anything… because you know on the inside that when people talk about this, they are not thinking of people like you and me.

For you to really feel relaxed, there must be safety.

For you to feel true rest, there must be peace.

Taking care of yourself is not about a spa day; it's about freedom to freely focus on your well-being and to not have your guard up.

And a retreat?… 

A retreat that is MEANT FOR YOU is one that involves ALL of this.

Peace, joy, freedom, true connection, love, fun, and acceptance…


Imagine experiencing that with others who Get IT and Get YOU.

Also enjoy laughter, inspiration, and coaching that respects and understands what running a business for BIPOC is like.

A retreat designed just for you is just a flight away.

BIPOC Entrepreneurial Struggles Are NOT The Same As Others


There is a secret that we marginalized carry deep within.

We know how to keep how we are "really" doing buried under layers of productivity, success, chasing the dream, and a steady display of "I'm fine and life is great."

How can we not?

This is the only way we know to tell the world that we are just like them so we can feel like we fit in, and if we follow every rule and hit every checkbox just right, maybe… just maybe we will belong.

But You and I know that, when we finally get a chance to rest at the end of the day, none of this feels true.

You know that you have adjusted to a world that has a set of rules that simply don't work for you. You carry an intricate system within that ensures you can just keep moving. Does it work? Yes. Does it feel real and fulfilling? Absolutely NOT.

And that is the weight on your heart, the wedge in your throat, and the constant fatigue in your bones that has been around for so long that you now call it "life" — your "normal..." BUT that doesn't make it right.

You read all about burnout and nod…

but you know deep within that the burnout YOU feel is NOT what most people are talking about.


You are not burnt out from work or too many clients.

You are burnt out from having to live in a world that you constantly have to adjust to.

What people like us need is the relief of being around people with whom we can simply be ourselves.

  • We need rest from the constant movement of keeping up with the world.
  • We need the belly laughs that only come from jokes that someone like us gets and the comfort that comes from being surrounded by community that simply gets you.
  • We want the energizing high of creative brainstorming with those like us. The easy flow of inspiration that shows up instantly when we know that we are fully aligned with who we are, safe to express what we want, and in harmony with our surroundings.


We deserve play that is as unique as we are and rest that is designed for just us.
We deserve a break… to retreat from the world that doesn't understand us and into a community that embraces us.

Meet Your Retreat Hosts

Patrick Casale

Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Private Practice Coach & Strategist for Therapists, and Owner of All Things Private Practice

Nam Rindani

Licensed Mental Health Therapist, and Owner of Ebonessence Coaching & Consulting

Welcome to the San Diego retreat EXCLUSIVELY for Neurodivergent and BIPOC therapists!

Room & Pricing Options


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  • $500 Deposit Due Now
  • Single, 4-month, and 6-month payment plans are available (payments begin 30 days after the deposit is made)
  • One guest spot is available per room for an additional $500.
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Save Your Spot For Only $500

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