The Ultimate Private Practice Startup Program — Because Grad School Didn’t Teach Us How to Be Small Business Owners

I'm Ready to Start My Private Practice!

Ready for YOUR Private Practice Startup Adventure? It's possible to build a Private Practice and start seeing clients within a few months.

Entrepreneurship can feel scary, but being afraid to start something new is normal.

Instead of using fear as a brake pad, try using it like a gas pedal and step into it. Embrace it. Let it guide you.

When you're trying something new or outside of your comfort zone, it only makes sense to doubt yourself a little bit, to question your competency, your abilities, and your resilience.

If you're considering starting a private practice, it's really scary to think about leaving a secure, consistent paycheck to step into the unknown — to bet on yourself, to do something different.

Starting your own business should be fun!! It doesn't have to be overwhelming, and it doesn't have to be paralyzing. It's a new adventure — a time for you to truly embrace your own vision and see it through.



Pick out your own furniture!

Decorate your office!

Make your own schedule!

Set your own fees!

AND most importantly, Make Your Own Decisions.







These are probably some of the reasons that you want to become an entrepreneur and work for yourself.


Working 9–5, 5 days a week, punching a clock...... those things seem like pure HELL to me! And they probably also sound like that to you if you're considering your own business.

The sky's the limit once you can gain clarity around how to start, who to work with, and how to get the phone ringing.

Believe it or not, the private practice startup logistics and steps are the easy part.

But I know when you're looking at a long Private Practice Startup Checklist, it can seem really daunting, and it's easier to just give up, tuck it away, or throw it out and go back to your agency job, convincing yourself that Private Practice isn't for you.

Playing it safe doesn't get us anywhere closer to our goals, and it doesn't fulfill us. It leaves us with "what ifs?" and fantasies about how something could be different.

Burnout and stress are higher than usual, and our profession NEEDS YOU now more than ever!

I know what it's like to question your decisions, to hold yourself back, and to convince yourself that it's not YOUR time.

Private Practice does not need to be a pipe-dream, or only for therapists who have spent years grinding it out in CMH jobs, burning themselves out enough to finally be able to leave and start their own businesses.

Yes, private practice is challenging. I'd be lying to you if I said something different. But, no, it is certainly not impossible.

You need to be a little risk-averse to start your own business. Otherwise, everyone would do it without a second thought. But... 

Because you are willing to take a chance, the fact of the matter is, You are READY to do this!



This is not a sprint, it's a marathon. You don't have to have it all figured out in order to do this.

Taking The Leap is probably one of the most rewarding and empowering things that I've ever done in my life, and I want to support you so that you can feel the same way.

If you are bold enough to try...

Let's do this!

If you are willing to take a risk and bet on yourself...

The time is now!

If you want to design and create your path...

Take that step!

Want to work 3 days a week?



Want to work 5?

👍More power to you!


Want to take 12 weeks off a year like me?

👍Travel and make it happen!!✈️


I'm here to guide you through the struggles, the heartache, the insecurity, and impostor syndrome.

I'm here to ensure that you don't give up, to hold you accountable, and to make sure that you are actively working towards what you've set out to accomplish.

More importantly, I'm here to be the safety net, the person jumping out of the plane with you, tandem-skydive style.

Your willingness to bet on yourself and to TRY is enough for me.

It means that I'll be in your corner every step of the way.

We'll celebrate the victories, the phone calls, the new client appointments, the new business names.

I'll be there for you when the going gets tough, when you want to give up, when you feel like you JUST CAN'T DO IT.

You'll have accountability, community, support, communication, CLARITY, and CONFIDENCE.

My 6-week programs simply weren't long enough for people. You wanted more support, more resources, more accountability, and MORE Private Practice Success, and now you get an ENTIRE 4 MONTHS!

This 4-month journey starts April 12th.

Take The Leap is limited to 10 incredibly talented therapists who want to embrace their visions and get out of their own ways.


4 months of LIVE, 90-minute group coaching calls:

  • 6 Themed group coaching sessions to address and support the most important parts of private practice startup
  • 8 Bi-weekly general group coaching calls for support and connection
  • 4 1:1 individual coaching calls after course milestones are reached (including 2 Follow Up Calls After The 4 Months To Ensure Success and Check-In On Progress)

  • Accountability Partnerships
  • Voxer Support for Constant Communication and Support
  • Guest Coaching from Marketing Experts, Accountants, Copywriting Specialists
  • Worksheets, Videos, Resources, and Referral Links
  • Discounts to Retreats and Future Courses

Take The Leap is designed for therapists who...

  • Want to break the mold and do things differently 
  • Desire a lifestyle change so that they can travel more, make more money, and feel more confident
  • Are passionate about authenticity and tapping into their "weird, quirky, outside the box" personalities
  • Are willing to take risks and embrace their vulnerability
  • Don't want to play it safe and want to finally feel clear and confident


Don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of this INCREDIBLE 4-month journey. 

I'm Ready to Take The Leap!

About Your Instructor

Hi. I'm Patrick Casale, the founder of All Things Private Practice.

I am a Mental Health & Addictions Therapist, a Group Practice Owner, and a Private Practice Coach & Strategist for Therapists.

I’ve worked in the helping profession since 2008, and, like many therapists, I started my career in a community mental health job where instead of feeling fulfilled, I felt overworked, burnt out, taken for granted, and underappreciated.

I knew I wanted out but feared the uncertainty of private practice, because, at the time, I had no fucking clue how to start a business. After all, most people who go into the helping profession don’t have a lot of business training, if any at all.

After a lot of work, some struggles, and trial-and-error, I successfully launched my private practice. Then a couple of years after that, I launched a thriving group practice (now with 12 therapists and 1 Psychiatric Provider).

I am truly passionate about empowering therapists to take the steps they need to create more successful lives and careers while working flexible hours, taking more vacations, and using their precious clinical skills effectively.

When it comes to being a successful private practice and small business owner, I’ve already been there and done that, so now I help other therapists all over the United States save time, skip the guesswork, and start seeing clients sooner with their own private practices.


Check out what a few therapists have said after working with me:

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Ready to Take The Leap and Start Your Private Practice?

Join the Ultimate 4-Month Private Practice Coaching Program Made Specifically FOR Therapists, BY Therapists!


Payment Plans Available

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One-Time Payment


Best Deal!

Save $150 when you pay in full.

4 Monthly Payments


(Total: $4,000)

Make 4 monthly payments of $1,000.

6 Monthly Payments


(Total: $4,200)

Make 6 monthly payments of $700.


You are just 4 months away from creating the private practice of your dreams… with the most guidance, support, and mentoring you’ll ever need to do it right the first time!

Theme 1: Private Practice Startup Contents

Our focus this week is to set up a solid foundation to build your private practice on so that you can rest assured you are FULLY protected against any liability. These pieces are essential so it’s crucial we figure this out and get it right from the beginning. Protecting yourself legally and making sure you’re HIPAA compliant will give you the peace of mind you need to serve your clients.

Here is what we are going to work on first:

Choose your business name and structure

(sole proprietor vs LLC)

Telehealth platforms, EMR Options, How to take payments

Malpractice/Liability Insurance Options

Operating a HIPAA compliant business

Get your Employer Identification Number


Examples of different therapist directory sites

It may seem like a lot, but I am here to make this as simple as possible for you! To help make sure you know exactly what to do at every step of this process, you'll get access to Step-by-Step video tutorials so you can simply follow along and know EXACTLY what to do every step of the way.

You will have access to these videos:

> Secretary Of State Business Name Search
> How to get a DBA or "Doing Business As"
> Get Your EIN (Step-By-Step)
> Tracking Business Expenses
> Hushmail Tutorial
> Detailed Simple Practice Training (Value: $599)



Oh, but we’re not done there! I have included every single worksheet you will ever need to make sure that you’re supported through this entire process.

You will have access to these worksheets:

> Private Practice Startup Checklist (Value: $35)
> Create Your Online Profile Checklist (Value: $25)
> Resource Guide for trusted HIPAA compliant software (including discount codes/offers) (Value: $25)
> Fill in the blank sheet with a spot for information like EIN, license number, business name (and identify if need DBA, LLC, PC, PLLC, etc.), choose EMR, etc.) (Value: $25)
> How to choose a business name (Value: $25)

And you didn’t think I’d hand these to you and just let you go off and work on it on your own, did you? No way! Every week we will also have group coaching calls where you will get to ask me any questions to help you along the way. You’ll not only get my personal support on these calls but you’ll also get to hear and learn from all the other community members as they navigate through their private practice building journeys!

Accountability and support:

90-minute group coaching session for EACH Take The Leap Theme. (Theme 1 Coaching Session Value: $450)

Theme 2: Choosing Your Niche Contents

This is where you get absolutely clear on who you want to serve. Yes, YOU get to decide!

Here is what we’ll be focusing on:

Do you know WHO your ideal client is?

How do we write content/copy to attract them?

The importance of not being a generalist—Working through the guilt and Agency Shame

To help you get crystal clear on these pieces, I’ve put together worksheets for you! The questions in these guides will help you figure out, without a doubt, who you’re here to help.


> Guided questions to find your niche (what should you consider when you choose [look at self, past clients, why became a therapist, etc.])
> Directory Goal Setting Questions (How to choose the right directory for your niche, goals, and values)



Bonus - Once you figure out who your ideal client is, I have a little goodie for you! Introducing… THE ULTIMATE DIRECTORY GUIDE!! You are going to love this! What does it include?


> Directory Guide (gives info like prices, discount codes/offers, which clients hang out on which directories, etc.)

Accountability and Support

90-minute group coaching session for EACH Take The Leap Theme. (Theme 2 Coaching Session Value: $450)

THEME 3: Copywriting & Understanding Your Ideal Population Contents

Copywriting is an essential skill for every business owner! What is copy? It’s every word you put on a page from your website to the ads you run to the captions on your social media accounts. Capturing your business’ voice is going to be crucial to get the right people coming through your business doors. Luckily, this is a skill I’ve learned to master myself and we are going to spend some time nailing it down so you know exactly what to say, when to say it, and who to say it to!

Here is what we’re going to focus on:

Practice Copywriting & Content Creation Exercise

Choose which therapist directory you’d like to use (Therapy Den, Mental Health Match, Psych Today)

Further refining niche(s) and brainstorming referral sources

In order to help you really figure this all out, you’ll get access to a video training:


> Copywriting tips (do’s and don’ts), etc. with Cindy Miller (Value: $199)



You’ll also get access to the following worksheets:


> Step-By-Step Profile Content Creation Guide (Value: $35)
> Niche Creating and Copywriting Do’s and Don’ts (Value: $35)

Accountability and Support

90-minute group coaching session for EACH Take The Leap Theme. (Theme 3 Coaching Session Value: $450)

THEME 4: Rate Setting With Confidence Contents

Pricing is a funny thing. It would make sense to Google your competitor’s rates and either match them or go a little up or down, based on what you think you’d love to charge, BUT, pricing gets a little complicated, especially when you’re not absolutely certain about charging for your worth. You see, pricing is a very energetic thing. You need to “get behind” your price so that when someone asks about your services, you can confidently charge them, without the hesitation, guilt or the “I’ll give you a discount” that most practice owners tend to do! The goal of this theme is to work through your pricing and your money mindset so you can call in your ideal clients and get paid for what you’re worth!

Here is what we will focus on:

Rate-setting calculator that does the math for you and ensures that you pick the perfect rates to sustain your business and lifestyle

Working through money mindset/money trauma issues

Manifesting your ideal private practice including a minimum of 8 weeks vacation

Role-Playing rate setting/fee setting and work through insecurity and impostor syndrome

Determining and creating value in psychotherapy

What are we selling?

You will get a video training on one of the most asked questions!


> How to use Private Practice Rate-Setting Calculator



You will also get access to one of the coolest tools I’ve ever created! Try finding this anywhere else!


Private Practice Rate-Setting Calculator (Value: $99)

Accountability and Support

90-minute group coaching session for EACH Take The Leap Theme. (Theme 4 Coaching Session Value: $450)

THEME 5: Networking and Marketing Contents

Here’s something they didn’t teach us in grad school... HOW to sell our services! It feels like we were armed with everything EXCEPT how to make money, which is a pretty important thing if you ask me! That’s why we’re going to be spending time figuring out how to network and getting the basics of marketing in place so you can actually SELL YOUR SERVICES!

Here's our focus:

The importance of networking

What to do as an introvert

Avoiding networking burnout

The importance of reciprocal relationships


Video marketing

Social media marketing

You will get access to a special digital marketing training (website, social media, etc.) with Daniel Sanchez, owner of A2dd (a branding and digital marketing company).


Social Media/Digital Marketing Video interview with Daniel: What kind of content should therapists share? Are there any things to consider that might be unethical or not HIPAA compliant? Which social media platforms will be the most effective for connecting with potential clients? (Value: $299)



Here’s one of my favorite things! The Pitch Worksheet! Learn how to reach out to other providers the right way!


> Networking Checklist (Step-by-step strategy to reach out to other providers, and how to find the people to reach out to [where and how to find them]) (Value: $35)

> Social Media/Digital Marketing Guide: What kind of content should therapists share? Are there any things to consider that might be unethical or not HIPAA compliant? Which social media platforms will be the most effective for connecting with potential clients?...

Accountability and Support

90-minute group coaching session for EACH Take The Leap Theme. (Theme 5 Coaching Session Value: $450)

THEME 6: Working Through Impostor Syndrome & Sharing Copy Contents

Imposter Syndrome is one of those things that hit you like a brick in the face. You don’t think it’s a problem to look out for, until your face is sore and you’re stuck not knowing what to do! That’s why it’s so important to tackle this head-on!

Here is what we will be focusing on:

What is impostor syndrome? How does it show up?

Entrepreneurial insecurity

Skills to combat Impostor Syndrome

Exercise: Resourcing

Share your profile pages with the group

Get feedback/Share suggestions
(Role-Playing and Elevator Pitch
Social media marketing)

Video marketing

Accountability and Support

90-minute group coaching session for EACH Take The Leap Theme. (Theme 6 Coaching Session Value: $450)

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Use code: 4MLEAP22-10EARLY









Ready to Take The Leap and Start Your Private Practice?

Join the Ultimate 4-Month Private Practice Coaching Program Made Specifically FOR Therapists, BY Therapists!


Payment Plans Available

*Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!*

Early Bird Special!

10% OFF with code: 4MLEAP22-10EARLY

BONUS Introduction Unit: Prep Your Mindset


  • Abundance Mentality vs. Scarcity Mentality
  • Quitting Agency
  • Money Mindset
  • Paying for the transformation / establishing value
  • Understanding Outsourcing (to continue your growth long after you complete this program)


  • Why do you want to start private practice? (How much do you want to earn? Time off? Your whys?...)

✨1:1 individual coaching calls for milestones (total: 4) Weeks 1, 8, 12, 16 (Value: $1,200)✨

✨Bi-weekly General Group Coaching Calls (Total: 8) (Value: $3,600)✨

Guest coaching call (amount TBA) (Lifetime access - can join these types of calls after the 4 months)

  • Live ones (with replays)
  • Prerecorded topics
    • Digital marketing
    • Accounting for therapists in private practice
    • Copywriting for a therapy profile

✨Private Facebook group (lifetime)✨

✨Guided assignments✨

✨Special offers and coupons for additional practice building resources✨

✨Lifetime access to all customized guides, worksheets, training videos, tools, coaching call replays, and Facebook group✨

  • Including popular course: Simple Practice Training
  • Including popular private practice tool: Private Practice Rate-Setting Calculator

✨Voxer support (ONLY for people who pay in full - limited) (Value: $2,000)✨

PLUS BONUS 1:1 COACHING from Other Coaches...

1 FREE 30-Minute 1:1 Coaching Call with Cindi Miller, a Private Practice Copywriting Coach.

Cindi will go over your therapist profile with you and do one revision to help you polish it to perfection so that your private practice will be able to attract more of your ideal clients.

Frequently Asked Questions