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If you’re like me, I imagine you want to play by your own rules and BREAK THE MOLD!

If you Fuc*ing hate working 9–5 — punching the clock 40+ hours a week for a job where you feel confined to a box — then you’re in the right place.

Private Practice may seem like a pipe dream — something that is only for “wizard-like” therapists who have 900 certifications and credentials or have “put in their dues” at their community mental health (CMH) jobs.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s easy to get caught up in negative thinking and let others tell you that private practice is tooooooooo hard or that it’s impossible to be successful.


Grad school doesn’t do us any favors — never mentioning or talking about private practice or business startup.

If you asked about starting a private practice business, you probably heard something like: “We don’t encourage newer clinicians to go right into private practice..."

I always wanted to ask: "WHY THE HELL NOT?”

I still remember my last day at my CMH job when my manager told me, “You’ll be back in 30 days because nobody makes it on their own.” Talk about motivation to never go back!


Since my last day at CMH, I have helped over 1,200 therapists start and grow their businesses.

Helping you with the private practice startup, rates, niches, logistics, etc. is the easy part. Helping you embrace who you are and how you want your business to show up in the community, as well as capture your authentic voice, is the really POWERFUL, important stuff.

I know what it feels like to feel under-appreciated, taken for granted, overworked, and underpaid. I also know what it’s like to question my choices and abilities at every turn, every step of the way, throughout the entire process!

I even sometimes think that my actual name is Patrick Self-Doubt Impostor Syndrome Casale.

As therapists, we’re NOT meant to be robotic, head nodding, blank-slates, regardless of what CMH and Grad School told you.


You are ALLOWED to be YOU!

You are ALLOWED to Embrace your divergence, your creativity, your weirdness, and your personality. You’re allowed to swear, show your tattoos, quote your favorite movies, and most importantly, you’re allowed to be AUTHENTIC!

"You attract the right thing when you have a sense of who you are." - Amy Poehler

Ever feel like you are Someone who has all of this unbelievable skill and creativity to bring to the world but can't because you have too many roles, not enough time or energy, and, oftentimes, not enough belief in yourself?

If you feel overlooked, unseen, “weird or different,” or like you cannot take up space or use YOUR voice, I am here to help you FULLY embrace who you ARE!






Kitty K, Therapist

I am so grateful for everything Patrick has done to support me and my growing practice! Not only was he able to help me become paneled with my first insurance company, his friendliness, and patience every step of the way helped me realize that creating a private practice doesn’t have to be a private struggle, and sometimes reaching out for support is the best thing we can do for our clients and for ourselves. You’ll be glad you reached out to Patrick!

Kellie H, Therapist

Patrick is probably one of the most patient people I know, therapist or not. He was incredibly helpful in getting my private practice off the ground right before the pandemic hit. I don’t know if I would have had the gumption to get it up and going without his help and guidance: from helping with a Simple Practice account to talking me down from a panic attack while thinking of all I had to do, he is someone I would absolutely recommend in building your bright future!

Maggie W, Therapist

Patrick is a knowledgeable and compassionate guide through all things private practice! He is gifted in cutting through red tape and demystifying the overwhelming and intimidating aspects of starting a private practice. He is also a genuinely wonderful human being! I would strongly recommend working with him.

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Patrick Casale is not only a licensed Mental Health & Addiction Therapist and a group practice owner but also a Private Practice Coach & Strategist for therapists. With experience in both the clinical mental health world and the business world, he has helped hundreds of therapists around the United States leave their agencies behind and create their ideal private practices.


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