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Entrepreneurship in its Most Authentic, Edgy, and Vulnerable State.

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A podcast that will stop you in your tracks; make you question the pervasive way society pushes you to be overworked, underpaid, and convince you it’s what you deserve; and encourage you to step into imperfect action and find success. 

Receive Real and Practical Tips for starting and managing your business from Industry Experts who tell their stories of insecurity, struggle, and imposter syndrome in an authentic and vulnerable way.


Are you in the mental health profession and want to start a private practice? Are you looking for answers on how to be a successful small business owner?

The All Things Private Practice Podcast is for entrepreneurs and private practice owners who are looking for something different and outside the box.

Your host, Patrick Casale, interviews other visionaries in the field of small business ownership to discuss topics like:

  • Small business startup logistics
  • Overcoming fears and obstacles
  • Why authenticity attracts your IDEAL clients and builds rapport
  • Naming and celebrating failures and the lessons that they teach
  • How to manage impostor syndrome and silencing your inner critic
  • Mindset shifts within the therapist community
  • Understanding how to create your value and set your rates
  • The importance of branding and marketing
  • Travel planning and trip takings
  • Actual Fucking Self-Care
  • Normalizing your stories of overcoming adversity and challenges
  • Anti-racist and inclusive small business ownership
  • The two sides of the coin of being a neurodivergent business owner
  • How to create and incorporate systems that work for you
  • Learning how to put your 5-year dreams and goals into action (step-by-step)
  • Empowering you to Take The Leap and work for yourself
  • Advice on when it’s time to put your notice in and quit your job
  • The dark sides of small business ownership
  • Calling clients back - Why the fuck don’t we do this?
  • Putting it out to the world - pushing past your perfectionism and insecurity
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Meet Your Host

Patrick Casale, MA, LCMHC, LCAS

Hi. I’m Patrick Casale, the founder of All Things Private Practice.

I’m a Mental Health & Addiction Therapist, a group practice owner, and a Private Practice Coach and Strategist for therapists.

I’ve worked in the helping profession since 2008, and, like many therapists, I started my career in a community mental health job where I was undervalued, underpaid, and burnt out.

I knew I wanted to get out but feared the uncertainty of private practice, because, at the time, I had no fucking clue how to start a business.

After all, most people who go into the helping profession don’t have a lot of business training, if any at all. But I was determined to make it in private practice.

After a lot of work, some struggles, and trial-and-error, I successfully launched my private practice. Then a couple of years after that, I launched a thriving group practice.

I am truly passionate about empowering therapists to take the steps they need to create more successful lives and careers while working flexible hours, taking more vacations, and using their precious clinical skills effectively.

When it comes to being a successful private practice and small business owner, I’ve already been there and done that, so I can help you save time, skip the guesswork, and start seeing clients sooner.

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