Private Practice Retreats for Therapist Entrepreneurs


We don’t grow in places of comfort and security. We know this because we talk to our clients about this all the time. Get ready to step away from the day-to-day grind & immerse yourself in an “Incubator” with other like-minded, INCREDIBLY talented human beings in the most historic cities in the world to ignite your creativity, move through your “stuckness,” and experience the world in a way you may have only romanticized about.

Nail your marketing strategies, build community, have TONS of FUN, life-changing experiences, and polish your business with the in-person support of industry expert coaches.




March 14, 2023-March 19, 2023




April 24, 2023-April 29, 2023




SPECIAL TOPIC: Retreat Builder’s Blueprint — A Roadmap to Retreat Planning

August 3, 2023-August 6, 2023

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October 2, 2023-October 7, 2023

Save Your Spot for ONLY $500

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Entrepreneurial Retreats


We're going on an ADVENTURE!

For the therapists and entrepreneurs who are ready to accelerate their businesses and step away from the daily 9-5 grind.  You know....actually practice what you preach.

These retreats are meant to be experiential in nature to help you shift your mindset and work through your fears and insecurities. You'll connect with like-minded people, build life-long relationships, and unlock your creativity.   


What do we all know about being in movement? We know that this is when we grow and are finally able to get out of our heads, so we can stop overthinking every decision that we make.

During this retreat, you’ll get to build, grow, and scale your own business by unlocking your creativity and working through your mental blocks, impostor syndrome, and perfectionism.  You'll get coaching, action steps, and strategies to help you stay motivated and accountable.

Stepping away from the office and investing in YOU is the most important decision you can make for yourself in business ownership. 

Come and surround yourself with like-minded, INCREDIBLE people in the industry to create life-long relationships, increase your clarity and vision, and unlock your creativity. 

A Note From Your Host:

Hi. I’m Patrick Casale, the founder of All Things Private Practice.

I’m a Mental Health & Addiction Therapist, a Group Practice Owner, Podcast Host, Retreat Planner, Speaker, and a Private Practice Coach & Strategist for Therapists and Entrepreneurs.

I live to travel, and I love to help empower other therapists to do the same.

These retreats are designed so that you can truly step away, invest in yourself, and step outside of your comfort zone.  We don't grow in stillness but only when we move.

Traveling and experiencing other places, food, and culture are truly Transformative.  The more we push ourselves, The more we grow. 

These retreats will take place throughout the world in very desirable locations. We will eat good food, unplug a bit, connect with a small group of like-minded people, work on shifting our mindsets, gain clarity and confidence in our businesses, and have incredible tours and experiences.

Accommodations, Meals, Tours, Coaching are provided.

*Transportation not included*

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