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Patrick Casale is one of the most authentic voices in the mental health and entrepreneurial spaces. He is an AuDHD Licensed Mental Health and Addictions Therapist, International Keynote Speaker, Retreat Planner, Podcast Host, Leadership Coach, Group Practice Owner, and Business Strategist. He has been featured on Spruce Health, Brighter Vision, Not Your Typical Psychotherapy Conference, Therapy Reimagined Conference, Private Practice Startup, Group Practice Exchange, Purposeful & Profitable, Abundance Practice Building, Affirming Our Identities Conference,  Selling The Couch Community, and more.

He is the host of the All Things Private Practice Podcast and the Co-Host of the Divergent Conversations Podcast.

Doubt Yourself, Do It Anyway has become his official motto which has inspired thousands of people.

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After serving his community as a mental health professional for over a decade, Patrick began to leverage his ability to build and create authentic relationships to launch a successful 7-figure group practice and a private practice coaching business, which has supported thousands of mental health entrepreneurs across the world. 

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Patrick specializes in supporting Neurodivergent Business Leaders and Mental Health Entrepreneurs.  He specializes in the following topics:

  • Creating Neurodivergent Affirmative Workspaces & Culture
  • How To Create Neurodivergent Affirmative Private Practices 
  • Enhance Your Leadership Through Authenticity & Vulnerability
  • Doubt Yourself, Do It Anyway: How To Move Through Impostor Syndrome, Self Doubt, while Taking More Risks
  • Resilience, Courage, and The Strength To Share Your Story w/ The World
  • People Over Profit- How to create a sustainable workplace culture that enhances employee retention
  • AuDHD Identity: Accepting and Understanding Our Neurotypes
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