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Episode 124: Empowering Healthcare Providers: Secure Texting and Telemedicine with Spruce Health [featuring Jessica Gulish]

Show Notes

This week I talked with Jessica Gulish about the revolutionary role of Spruce Health in HIPAA Compliant patient communication software for mental health professionals.

3 key themes:

πŸ” HIPAA Compliance and Secure Messaging: Understanding the importance of secure texting for patient communication and the need to prioritize HIPAA compliance for protecting patient information.

πŸ“± Benefits of Spruce Health: Exploring the outstanding features of Spruce's telehealth platform, from secure communication to scheduling and payment collection, catering to the needs of mental health professionals.

πŸ’¬ Optimize Patient Communication: Leveraging Spruce for efficient and secure messaging, group communication, and coordination of care among healthcare providers, while documenting potential clients and sales opportunities.

More about Jessica:

Jessica Gulish is the Head of Sales at Spruce Health, the leading medical communication platform designed for healthcare, and has been a formidable member of the leadership team for nearly seven years. She has served as a pioneer in the health tech sector for more than 17 years, with experience spanning women’s health, dermatology, and pharmaceuticals before becoming an expert in medical communication. Jessica hails from the Bay Area and graduated with a degree in Communications from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.


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